There are Wyoming log cabins and then there are Wyoming LOG CABINS. This is that second one. It is currently the most expensive log cabin available in our state. Let's find out why.

Before I share the details of how much this Wyoming wood masterpiece would cost you, check out a dozen pics.

Wyoming's Most Expensive Log Cabin

What makes this the currently most expensive log cabin available in Wyoming? I believe you can chalk this up to location, location and location. When the listing describes this log cabin as off-the-grid, they mean it. I believe it's not far from the Star Valley Lodge which is another one in the plus column.

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For the current asking price of $5,900,000, you get the ultimate Wyoming seclusion. Oh, and access to a private runway along with the hangar for your plane, assuming you have one. The log cabin itself is spacious with its 6 bedrooms and 5 bathrooms occupying over 7,200 square feet.

Be sure to check out the full listing for complete details and even more pics of what the most expensive log cabin in Wyoming looks like right now.

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Wyoming's Most Expensive Home Currently Available

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