As a cigar smoker, I can tell you there is a big difference between smoking a cigar and smoking a cigarette. Cigar smokers are snobs about their tobacco, and we are not at all embarrassed by it.

We insist on the highest quality tobacco that has been kept at the perfect temperature of 73 degrees and 70 percent humidity. Anything less than perfection and we turn up our noses like the good snobs we are.

The making of a good cigar is a long involved process. The best tobacco is grown and cured with the same care as the best grapes are grown and the best wine is aged.

Cigars are rolled by hand by people who have been plying the trade for generations.

A good tobacco shop is run by a tobacconist who understands his product in the same way as the best wine or coffee shop owners.

I've traveled Wyoming and sampled cigars from almost every shop the state has. So, as a cigar snob, here are my top 5 picks for best cigar shops in Wyoming.

5). In Cheyenne, there is Smoker's Friendly. This simple shop in an average looking plaza near the east end of Lincolnway has a large walk-in humidor and a lounge filled with leather chairs and a sofa for parents to enjoy their smoke and good company.

4). City News, located in Downtown Cheyenne, is a walk in book and magazine shop with a large selection of cigar and pipe tobacco along the back wall. They don't have any place to sit and enjoy a cigar, but there is a nice selection to buy and take home.

3). Sheridan, Wyoming has P.O. News & Flagstaff Cafe located right in the heart of their downtown. Buy a magazine, have a sandwich, and pick from a large selection of cigars under glass right up front by the register.

2). Casper Cigar Company is located just outside of the city limits. Here is another great place to sit and enjoy in a comfy leather chair after purchasing a good expensive stick.

1). Downtown Casper offers a location to pick up a quick one to go at The Ash Premium Cigar Shop.

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