The Senate has passed a nearly $1.5 trillion Republican tax bill that's historic in scope and an urgent political priority for President Donald Trump and the GOP.

The vote was 51-49, largely along party lines. Not a single Democrat voted in favor of the legislation, which was crafted behind closed doors by Senate Republican leaders. Tennessee Sen. Bob Corker, who calls the growing debt a national security threat, joined Democrats in opposing the bill.

The bill lays the bulk of its tax cuts on businesses and higher-earning individuals and gives more modest breaks to others.

It would bring the first major overhaul of the U.S. tax system in three decades.

Critics say it will add 1.5 Trillion dollars to the national debt in the next ten years.


Wyoming Senator Mike Enzi had this comment...

"This tax reform bill has been years in the making. After more than 70 hearings on taxes and an open legislative process, we have a bill before us that will bring relief to millions of Americans,” Enzi said. “This important pro-growth tax reform bill will put money back in the pockets of middle-class families and make our country globally competitive. This legislation is truly about making a better future for our country. It is rooted in the ideal that Americans, not the federal government, know best how to spend their hard-earned money.”

“I believe this bill will not only give a financial boost to most American families, but it would put our country in a better position financially as we see the economic gains I believe this legislation will make possible, especially if we enact sensible federal spending restraints,” Enzi said.


Senator John Barrasso had this response to the bill's passage...

“It has been more than 30-years since Congress enacted major tax relief. Today, the Senate voted to give Americans the tax relief they have been waiting for. This bill delivers on our goal of a simpler, fairer tax code that grows our economy, creates job opportunities and increases wages.

“It also repeals one of the most outrageous and unfair parts of Obamacare, the individual mandate tax. People in Wyoming will no longer have to pay a tax if they decide that overpriced Obamacare insurance isn’t right for them

“Families in Wyoming and across the country will soon be able to keep more of their hard-earned money. I look forward to working with the House of Representatives to pass a final bill that will make tax reduction a reality for all Americans.”


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