It just wouldn't be summer without this on the grill.

Although we are seeing back-to-school sales and, in some places, Halloween pop-up shops, it is still very much summer. In fact, the first day of fall isn't until September 23. So let's continue to stuff ourselves with the best foods that summer has to offer.

For Wyoming, that's buffalo.

Recently, Eat This Not That created a list of the Best Summer Food in Every State. I think we can all agree that their choice of buffalo is a staple around these parts. It just wouldn't be summer without buffalo sizzlin' on the grill. And, as an added bonus, buffalo is a great source of protein to help you keep that summer bod.

Our state has the largest number of buffalo herds in the nation so it's no wonder we love our buffalo. Eat This Not That praised Wyoming specifically for its buffalo jerky. With all the time we spend outdoors, it's the perfect snack to keep use fueled up.

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