Denver International Airport welcomes over 60 million visitors each year. None of them were as high as this guy. Last week, Wyoming resident Matthew Baniewicz boarded a flight from Denver to Jackson wearing a bathrobe and ski goggles.

"I smoked a fat joint before I got on the plane," the peculiar passenger explained while doing stretching exercises and yoga poses outside the gate.

When his plane landed in Jackson, "Bathrobe Guy" was filmed doing cartwheels in the terminal and was later spotted hanging out around the town square and skinny dipping in the Snake River. The personal trainer is using his newfound internet fame to promote physical fitness.

"My message to everyone: It’s all about the complete person, body, mind, and spirit. If you expect to develop your body without your mind, good luck. Are you reaching your highest potential as an individual? If you see me walk around the airport in a bathrobe, I would not be able to do that if I was suffering arthritis pain,” he told Jackson Hole News and Guide.



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