Wyoming’s fourth and eighth grade students outperformed the national average in reading and math on the National Assessment of Educational Progress (NAEP).

According to the NAEP results, Wyoming students outscored the national average in every grade level and subject tested, and increased their achievement in fourth grade mathematics from 2011. Wyoming did not post statistically reliable year-to-year gains from 2011 in eighth grade mathematics, fourth grade reading, or eighth grade reading. Over the four-year reporting period from 2009 to 2013, Wyoming posted statistically reliable increases in reading and mathematics for both grades four and eight.

Wyoming Deparment of Education Director Richard Crandall says this year's NAEP scores demonstrate that " we are starting to have success with students across the socioeconomic spectrum, at least in those grades that were tested."  Crandall adds  " we have a lot yet to do but it is nice to see that we are making some headway."

NAEP testing is part of the nation’s No Child Left Behind legislation, and is administered to Wyoming’s fourth and eighth grade students in reading and mathematics. All states and the District of Columbia and Department of Defense (DoD) schools are assessed every two years. A key role of NAEP under No Child Left Behind is to serve as an audit and external reference point-of-comparison for reviewing each state’s educational program and achievement.