U.S. Senators Mike Enzi and John Barrasso, both R-Wyo., joined their GOP colleagues in sending a letter to President Obama asking that he help them get to the bottom of the recent IRS scandal. According to a Treasury Inspector General report, the IRS began targeting Tea Party and other similar conservative organizations with increased scrutiny as early as 2010.

          “The American people deserve to know what actions will be taken to ensure those who made these policy decisions at the IRS are being held fully accountable and more importantly what is being done to ensure that this kind of raw partisanship is fully eliminated from these critically important non-partisan government functions,” the senators wrote.  “It is imperative that the Administration be fully forthcoming to ensure that we begin to restore the confidence of our fellow citizens after this blatant violation of their trust.  We look forward to working on this critical issue with the Administration’s full cooperation.”