Democratic U.S. Senate candidate Gary Trauner says his opponent, Senator John Barrasso, has been avoiding debates and depriving Wyoming voters of the chance to compare the candidates.

Trauner, a Wilson businessman, said Friday in Cheyenne that Barrasso, who is a Republican, has either turned down or not responded to a series of debate invitations from around Wyoming. Trauner said the senator has agreed to an October 25 debate in Sheridan, but argued that at least 3 to five debates would be more appropriate.

Trauner also invited Barrasso to appear with him on weekly Sunday night live Facebook appearances he is planning over the remaining weeks of the campaign.

Trauner also accused Barrasso of being more interested in catering to drug companies than in helping the people of Wyoming by working to lower prescription drug prices.

When asked his opinion of Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh, Trauner said that while he isn't privy to all of the information senators may have on Kavanaugh, he personally has concerns about the judge.

Trauner said one problem is that it appears Kavanaugh is an advocate of increasing the power of the executive branch of government, and at another point said he believes the women accusing Kavanaugh of sexual misconduct "believe they are telling the truth."

He also said it's hard to blame Democrats for taking a partisan approach to President Trump's nomination of Kavanaugh to serve on the high court after Senate Republicans refused to even hold hearings on Merrick Garland when then-President Obama proposed Garland for a seat on the Supreme Court.

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