It looks like when Wyoming says, 'Til death do us part', they really mean it! In an era where the divorce rate is crazy high, Wyoming has been recognized as one of the top states for couples growing old together. That's very romantic of the Cowboy State.

Sure, we live in a world filled with dating apps, disgruntled cynics, and more, but still emerged as one of the top states where couple stay together for eternity, or as long as they can really.

To come up with the data throughout the study, the numbers of married, separated, and divorced men and women over the age of 55 was collected throughout all 50 states and wouldn't you know it, it seems the states throughout the upper Midwest, then over to the great plains, and then extending out west were the tops in the country. Wyoming is included in that of course.

Utah would grab the top spot overall with 68.57 percent of couples over the age of 55 staying together. As for Wyoming, we rank #2 overall. That's impressive, Wyoming! We have the second highest percentage of couples over the age of 55 staying together. Well played, married couples! The Cowboy State had a percentage of 65.94 staying together forever. Following us on the list was North Dakota, Idaho, and South Dakota to round out the top five.

In terms of couples splitting up, Nevada had the largest percentage of couples splitting up over the age of 55 with a percentage of 22.58. Our neighbors to the south in Colorado finished 7th on that list with 19.7 percent of couples over the age of 55 splitting up. Ouch.

But there it is, Wyoming! If you want to grow old with someone, you're in the right spot and the right region for it...As long as you don't travel a few miles to the south that is.

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