The Rock Springs Police Department says it is concerned that people are not taking the threat of the COVID-19 virus seriously and are ignoring Governor Mark Gordon's instructions to stay home and maintain social distancing.

A post on the RSPD Facebook page says a recent car accident involving several juveniles shows the kind of problem they are talking about. In the March 31 accident, five juveniles were in a pickup that hit a ditch, causing the airbags to deploy. The five were from different families and were in close contact when the accident happened.

While none of the five were seriously injured, police say the incident points to a bigger problem that is widespread:

''The Rock Springs Police Department continues to observe that citizens are breaking the governor's orders to social distance and stay home. It is apparent many have not taken the COVID-19 situation as seriously as it really is. Despite Sweetwater County having only three confirmed positive cases to date, it is unknown how many are actually infected. It is important to note that not all infected persons readily show the symptoms, however they can still spread COVID-19."

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