A bill to increase the state fees to register Wyoming motor vehicles and obtain a Wyoming driver's license to pay for a transportation computer system has been proposed for the 2021 Wyoming Legislature.

You can read House Bill 24 here.

The legislation would basically increase car registration and driver's license fees by five dollars each across the board. So, for example, the cost for a license plate for a  passenger car in Wyoming would go from $30 to $35, and the cost to obtain a Wyoming driver's license would go from $40 to $45 dollars. While the state registration fee is currently $30, Wyoming counties also charge a registration fee which generally runs much more than that.

Other registration and driver's license fees would likewise be increased by five dollars.

All of the money raised by the increases would be collected into a special account to pay for the new transportation computer system for the Wyoming Department of Transportation. The new system would replace a current computer system that officials say is outdated.

A fiscal note attached to the bill estimates the registration fee increases would raise roughly $6.4 million per year, and the increase in driver's license fees would raise around $830,000 annually. Once the system is paid for, the governor could repeal the increase under the bill.

The legislature is scheduled to convene on Jan.12, but that will likely be a one-day event, featuring the governor's annual ''State of the State" address and a few other ceremonial events. The legislature will then adjourn until a later date to do most of the day-to-day work of proposing and considering legislation.

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