A bill to implement an alert system for missing at-risk adults, similar to the Amber Alert system for missing children is headed to Governor Mark Gordon after being approved by both houses of the legislature.

Since the governor in his ''State of the State" address urged legislators to approve the measure, he is expected to sign it into law. You can read House Bill 18 here.

The measure cleared the Senate on third and final reading on Monday a 31-0 vote. It had previously been approved by the House 60-0 with two members absent.

The bill would essentially implement the federal ''Ashanti Alert" system on the state level for at-risk adults.

The bill defines ''at risk" adults as follows:

 ''As used in this section "adult at risk" means an adult who has a developmental disability, who suffers from Alzheimer's disease or dementia, or who suffers from or could, without access to medication, suffer from cognitive impairment if the impairment would likely render the adult incapable of getting to a familiar location without assistance.''

The Legislative Service Office says no significant financial impact is expected if the measure becomes law.

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