The fourteenth annual Wyoming Latina Youth Conference is scheduled for October 16-17 in Cheyenne.

This year's theme is ''The Power of Choice". The conference will feature two days of workshops, activities a banquet and a speech by keynote speaker Shayla Rivera, who is a former rocket scientist turned comedian. Rivera worked on NASA's Shuttle and Space Station programs for eight years before leaving that profession to pursue an interest in psychology.

When she began leading seminars on stress management across the country, she discovered she had skills as a comic.

Rivera's presentation is open to the public with an entrance fee of $40. The overall workshop is open for participants to attend at a cost of $30 for tickets purchased before October 1 and $40 if purchased after that date. The deadline for registration is October 12. The conference is open to Latinas in grades 5-12 in Wyoming, Registration and a schedule of events is available online.