State lands off of Morman Canyon road in Converse County will now only be accessible as walk-in sites. The Wyoming Game and Fish Department announced the changes after a number of flagrant abuses in the area.

“Getting vehicles stuck in the live stock pond, Littering- and were not talking just trash- large appliances, couches, furniture and household goods. They go out there and they’re using them for target practice and then they just abandon them for junk.”

Robin Kepple, from the Casper regional offices says they hope for a reduction in litter and to protect the lands from further damage caused by improper vehicle use.

She says this kind of off road restriction allows recovery of vegetation and a likely increase in wildlife.

The public is encouraged to notify the Converse County Sheriff’s Office, the local game warden, or the State Lands Office of any observed violations on this new access area. Tips can be made to the Stop Poaching Tip Line at 1-877-WGFD-TIP or on the WGFD website.