Peter Macdiarmid, Getty Images
Peter Macdiarmid, Getty Images

Quagga Mussels are threatening to invade waters close to Wyoming which has some in the Game and Fish Department very concerned.  Wes Gordon, who is the Wyoming Game and Fish Departments Green River Region Aquatic Invasive Species Specialist is very concerned about the findings of invasive mussels being reported from the Utah Division of Wildlife Resources (WDWR).

WDWR biologists recently found microscopic juvenile quagga mussels, also called Veligers, in Deer Creek Reservoirs in Utah's north-central region.

Wes Gordon has been reported to have expressed his concerns about this, as many people are boating on local reservoirs much earlier after a very short-lived ice-fishing season.

As you might know, 2013 brought about a mandatory watercraft inspection law, requiring all boats and other water crafts being transported by land to Wyoming, to have an inspection prior to launching in our waters. This law is not seasonal, but is in effect all year around.

The decal for the 2015 AIS is available on the Game and Fish website. If you see boaters and people riding other watercraft from out of state that do not have the AIS (Aquatic Invasive Species) decal on their water vessel, please call the game warden and make him aware.

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