The Wyoming House of Representatives voted down a proposed study of security at public schools across Wyoming on Friday.

The proposal had been offered as an amendment to the House budget bill.

The amendment was put forward by Rep. Albert Sommers [R-Sublette County], who told House members the study would provide a ''State of the State'' report on school security. Sommers said about ten percent of the state's school major maintenance budget is used for school security, and the study would help ''utilize how we are spending the money that we are putting out there.''

But Rep. Mike Greear [R-Big Horn/Washakie counties] argued against the measure in floor debate. Greear said the state conducted a similar study four or five years ago, with the report coming back showing deficiencies in school security. He said ''we put a big appropriation on it, a one-time appropriation. The all of a sudden it became a continuing appropriation."

Greear said he is concerned the same thing could happen again, adding Wyoming schools already have all of the information they need to keep students safe.

Sommer's amendment, one of a long list of proposed budget amendments Friday night in the house, was defeated on a voice vote.

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