The Wyoming Highway Patrol has begun preparations for the large crowds that will visit the state for the solar eclipse that will cross Wyoming on Aug. 21, according to a news release.

Most of those those people will arrive in vehicles, which will increase traffic before, during and after the short localized event with long-term international interest.

The traffic will spike before Aug. 21 in Teton, Sublette, Fremont, Natrona, Converse, Goshen, Platte and Niobrara counties because they are prime areas to view the totality of the eclipse.

Casper is one of the largest cities nationwide to experience totality, which will be 2 minutes, 26 seconds. Local hotels are booked.

Wyoming Highway Patrol officials have met with the eclipse planning team in Casper and plan to attend similar meetings across the state.

They also are working with the Wyoming Office of Homeland Security, local law enforcement, the Wyoming Office of Tourism and other eclipse organizations to determine the best way to use Highway Patrol resources.

The department has asked all troopers and dispatch center personnel not to schedule any leave between Aug. 14 through Aug. 27 so they are available patrol the highways and respond to calls.

The Highway Patrol will continue to evaluate the best ways to use its resources during the eclipse time frame, including possibly deploying troopers from non-prime viewing locations to counties in the prime viewing areas.