Officials with the Wyoming Department of Health have issued a gonorrhea alert to healthcare providers across the state.

WDH spokeswoman Kim Deti says gonorrhea cases are especially skyrocketing in Laramie County, which is seeing a 140 percent increase over the same time last year, and Natrona County, where cases are up by 33 percent.

WDH Communicable Disease Surveillance Program Manager Courtney Smith says certain people should especially be tested:

-Those who have been with a new partner in the past 60 days
-Those who have been with multiple partners in the past 60 days
-Pregnant women
-Sexually active males and females under the age of 25
-Those who have STD symptoms such as discharge, burning, or itching at the affected site
-HIV-positive people
-Those who have had sexual contact with someone who has an STD
-Men who have sex with men
-Current or past residents of detention or corrections facilities

Deti says abstaining from sex, reducing the number of sex partners, and consistently and correctly using condoms all help prevent gonorrhea and other sexually transmitted diseases.

Voucher codes for low-cost or free STD testing as well as more information on STD prevention can be found at a WDH website.

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