The sponsor of a bill that would repeal most gun-free zones in public areas in Wyoming is not happy that his bill was assigned to the Senate Judiciary Committee, where he predicts it may die.

State Sen. Anthony Bouchard (R-Laramie County) says Senate File 75 may never make it out of committee, adding there is a good chance the bill the bill could die a quiet death without ever making it to the floor of the Senate.

He said Tuesday that has been the common fate of gun bills in the Wyoming Senate in recent years, also saying Senate leaders have been using the tactic of routing gun bills to the Judiciary Committee as a way to bury the proposals.

Bouchard said an effort Monday to get the bill reassigned to another committee where it might get a more favorable hearing fell just short But he vowed to keep up the pressure in favor of the legislation, and said a mirror bill will be introduced in the Wyoming House. He also urged supporters of the legislation to make their voices heard.

Bouchard made the comments on Tuesday morning on KGAB radio in Cheyenne

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