Gunwerks broke ground in Cody, Wyoming for their brand new, state-of-the-art facility.

During the Fall season of 2018, Gunwerks was granted $6 million to build a warehouse type facility on their five acres of land.  On March 26th, 2019, construction got underway for their new facility which will have a retail and warehouse space, plus a test shooting tunnel.

“The most significant impact of this project is getting us the necessary space available to expand,” Aaron Davidson, the CEO of Gunwerks tells Oil City News. “In the past three years, in our current facility in Cody, we’ve been able to add three significant product lines. In order to grow those product lines, we need to be better able to vertically integrate our rifle manufacturing, and this new space will allow that room to grow.”

Gunwerks was founded in 2007 in a small town of Burlington, Wyoming.  Things were going well for Gunwerks so they got a bigger facility and moved to Cody.  Gunwerks manufactures long-range shotting systems, rifles, optics, rangefinders and ammunition.  In the next six years, Gunwerks plans on creating 50 high-paying jobs plus, purchasing more than $5 million worth of equipment.

Their new facility should be up and running by February of 2020.

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