GILLETTE, Wyo. (AP) — Foster Friess took his last-minute campaigning for his unsuccessful bid for Wyoming governor a little too close to a polling place on Tuesday.

Campbell County Clerk Susan Saunders said that Deputy Clerk Linda Grose noticed Friess walking around the parking lot outside the Cam-plex polling place around 1 p.m. Tuesday and asked him to leave.

It's against state law to campaign within 100 yards of a polling place on election day.

Friess campaign staffer Bill Sniffin says Friess wasn't aware the entire Cam-plex grounds was off limits.

Sniffin says there was confusion because Cam-plex is technically a government property, meaning the whole property is off limits and not just the building where voters cast ballots.

Friess finished second to Mark Gordon in Tuesday's primary.

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