The average gas price in Wyoming saw a sharp decline last week.

Patrick DeHaan, a senior petroleum analyst with, says the average price for a gallon of regular slid nearly nine cents last week to $3.33. That price is 18 cents lower than the average price from a year ago and 19 cents lower than the average price last month.

DeHaan says it’s likely several stations will dip below the $3.00-per-gallon level within the next few weeks.

“We may see sub-$3.00 per gallon gas at some stations, I don’t know if we’d see it at every station,” DeHaan said. “Gas prices tend to go up as we approach the new year, between Christmas and the new year, but it’s looking good for the next, I’d say, few weeks.”

Gas is selling for as low as $3.00 in Casper, $3.10 in Cheyenne and $3.15 in Laramie. Meanwhile, the national average fell just over three cents last week to $3.26.