If you're a guy, you've been there and done that. Your wife goes shopping and you just feel like you need to tag along. That also happened for a moose family in Jackson when a bull moose followed his better half into a Jackson shopping center.

As I recall, this happened a couple of years ago to our beloved Jackson, Wyoming neighbors. It was near the Orvis, Ace Hardware, Dollar Tree, Hoback Sports and Staples on the main drag in Jackson.

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If this happens to be a Jackson lady and/or guy with back hair issues and not moose, I apologize.

Here's what went down as the rich and famous dealt with Bullwinkle and wife invading their shopping space:

If you think the video is great, you should see the comments since the video was first shared.

"He has a score to settle with the people at that sports store. 😂"

"He should have gone to “Star Bucks” lol"

"Human males stay in rut, that's why I don't date anymore"

This video went viral when it was first shared and has now been viewed over 100,000 based on the YouTube numbers. Not surprising considering it's not every day that you get to witness a bull moose in rut and his lady heading into Staples to pick up some copy paper.

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