A Rock Springs police detective on Wednesday shot and killed a pit bull as officers executed a search warrant.

According to a news release from the Rock Springs Police Department, detectives and uniformed officers served a search warrant at 1057 Evergreen Way. The warrant was issued for evidence related to computer crimes.

The first officer on scene approached the residence, and someone inside the home opened the front door. At that time, a pit bull "darted" out of the home.

The dog bit the officer's foot, as the officer stood on the outside landing. The dog then charged a plainclothes detective, who served as a backup officer.

"The detective shot the charging dog and it died on scene," the release reads.

Police say the warrant was executed without further incident, and no arrests have been made as of Thursday afternoon. The investigation continues.

In addition, an internal investigation of the shooting is being conducted by the Rock Springs Police Department.

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