Sweetwater County Officials are bracing for possible spring flooding in light of unusually heavy snowpack.

That's according to a post on the Sweetwater County Sheriff's Office Facebook page. According to the post, the USDA SNOTELL map shows the snow-water equivalent shows Sweetwater County at 137 percent of normal.

City officials from across the county met last week to discuss the situation. According to the post, the Sweetwater County Emergency Management Agency is monitoring the situation Emily Covey, Sweetwater County Emergency Management Coordinator said, “consistent warmer temperatures will thaw the snow and ice creating snowmelt run off and increasing the risk of floods but the current weather forecast for March 20-27 is showing temperatures below 40, slowing snowmelt” 

The post says the sheriff's office, public health and emergency management will be watching for flooding and will issue updates as needed. Residents and business owners are being told to plan ahead for the flooding and to be ready to evacuate on short notice if needed.

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