Well, we knew at some point someone would open their eyes and see that Wyoming is a desirable place to have concerts with our neighbors to the south having more struggles and restrictions, due to the Covid-19 Pandemic. With that, AEG is set to host concerts at Terry Bison Ranch this summer with its proximity to Colorado being ideal.

An article by Billboard announced that the promoter has teamed up with local promoter, Blue Pig Presents. They were said to have taken notice of the outdoor events hosted by the local promoter last summer at Terry Bison Ranch. AEG has announced 4 events so far to be held at the Wyoming border this summer.

So far, AEG has confirmed four events at the space, each an artist-curated two-night run. It'll launch its first show on May 7 and 8 with the Monster Energy Outbreak Tour, a two-night event hosted and curated by Philadelphia dubstep producer Subtronics.

Chinook at Terry Bison Ranch will host three similar mini-festival events through June: CharlestheFirst on May 28 and 29; The California Honeydrops' Honeydrops Round Up on June 11 and 12; and VOYAGE!, an event curated and hosted by French DJ CloZee (June 18 and 19).

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This is set to be a great asset to the Cowboy State this summer and should help out local tourism that missed out last summer. Kudos to Blue Pig Presents for teaming up with AEG to bring music and small festivals to Terry Bison Ranch and bring us out of the slump we've had since March 2020. You can find more info about Blue Pig here.


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