Relive the West the way you know it to be--from a stagecoach. This weekend, you can climb aboard the private train and ride out to the middle of the bison herd at Cheyenne's very own Terry Bison Ranch.

train leaves the Terry Bison Ranch Station on Saturday, May 10  around high noon (that's 12 p.m. for you city slickers). When you board the train, you'll have a choice between a buffalo burger platter, a beef platter or a fried chicken platter.

The ranch will need your registration by Saturday evening, May 3, 2014 so they can prepare your meal and make this the best train ride that you and your family have ever experienced. All riders will need to remain on the train until the tour is over. The lunch train goes on the same tour as the Bison Train Tours so that you can view all the buffalo and get a good feel of the history of the ranch.

For more information, call 307-634-4171 or email the ranch at

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