Sweetwater County Sheriff Mike Lowell is asking anyone who may have information on a missing Rock Springs man to contact his office.

74-year-old Terry Meador, a retired Rock Springs teacher, was reported missing to the Rock Springs Police Department on October 25 after he failed to return from a solo hunting trip south of Rock Springs. Several searches for Meador in late October and early November failed to turn up any results, despite covering over 60 square miles.

Sheriff Lowell said searches have been conducted by teams on foot, on horseback, canine teams, people with ATVs, four wheel drives, drones, fixed-wing aircraft and helicopter in the Pine Mountain area.

Meador's pickup was found badly stuck about 2 3/4 miles north of the summit of Pine Mountain. The sheriff said the arrival of winter weather in the area has forced his office to suspend official search-and-recovery efforts. But he is asking anyone who may have information on Meador to contact his office.

He also advised people wanting to search for Meador on their own to make sure they are properly equipped and dressed for bad weather and to leave word on where they are going and when they expect to return.

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