Where would you rather live? Wyoming or Australia? Which has more to offer? Who does it better, and by it I mean which is just a cooler place to be? But most important, who has better women? Here are some random comparisons and contrasts.

David Syme & Co.
David Syme & Co.

Australia has the Bunyip, a creature that, apparently, comes up out of the swamps to eats anything that smells good to it at the time. That means people too.

Unique to the state is the Jackalope. Talk all you want about how ferocious the Bunyip is, but the Jackalope beats it in pure coolness.

Australia has their Aborigines. One has to admit that their face painting, boomerang, and Didgeridoo peek the coolness meter.

Wyoming can put our Plains Indians up against them any day, with great face painting, shields, spears, bow and arrows, drums and war dances, and they are some of the greatest horse back riders in the world.

Australia has an Outback. Wyoming is an Outback. Both have Outback Steakhouse. But America invented Outback Steakhouse. Wyoming had the restaurant first.

Australia gave us Crocodile Dundee. But America made him famous, so, take that.

Wyoming gave the world Dick Cheney. Sure Dundee had a big knife, but Cheney had the nuclear codes. Top that!

Both places have cowboys. Each has their own style of cool cowboy ha, Australian and American, unique to them. Both can claim to be as tough as they come.

Australia has some beautiful women. But Wyoming has cowgirls, so, we win.

This has been a completely "unbiased" assessment.


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