***Language Warning: Graphic Video***

Nature is sometimes cruel, but when ya gotta eat, ya gotta eat! In the wild, there are predators and there is prey. Bison are no exception to the "rule" when wolves are hungry.

At one point in history, there were an estimated 30-60 million Bison roaming North America (US/Canada) and now a little more than 360,000. Wyoming is home to one of the largest Bison herds populations in the United States, with almost 5,000 living in and around Yellowstone. Can you imagine 60 million Bison roaming around? It's a little bit spooky but cool to think about? If you go to Yellowstone, you could be sitting in Bison traffic for a couple of hours and there are only 5,000.  There are 328.2 million (give or take) humans in the U.S. right now...60 million is the population of Texas and California combined. Let that sink in!

There aren't many predators in the wild that can kill a bison...Grizzlies and WOLVES are about the only ones.

The wolf population of North America is about 80,000 between the US and Canada. Canada has over 60,000, the U.S. has nearly 18,000 and Wyoming has 327 of those. We assume that if a lone wolf were to try and take down an adult Bison, they wouldn't be successful often. As a pack though, easy!

If you're anything like me, you enjoy watching hunting shows or any show about nature. National Geo Wild and BBC Earth are both interesting to watch for those types of shows.

Back to the intense, graphic video... I have the 'Short' version from YouTube user mmonn1906 which made me actually "laugh out loud" and the longer BBC Earth Video from their YouTube page which describes the scene a little better.

A herd of Bison were invaded by a pack of Wolves. While running away, a smaller Bison is freight trained by a LARGE Bison.

******Language alert******


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