There is nothing quite like the sight of watching animals in their natural habitat. Thus was the case when a women captured video footage of a bison herd crossing a river during her first family vacation in Yellowstone National Park.

The near two-minute video highlights the herd crossing the river, but also shows a young calf struggling against the current to get to the other side. Thankfully, after quite a few tries, it makes it safely.

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The footage was posted to the viral video sharing YouTube channel, ViralHog, on July 20th, 2021, but was originally taken on May 21, 2021, during a cold front that had passed through the area. You can clearly see snow and ice on the hood of the truck that the woman was standing on. Along with the video, the caption stated:

This was our first trip to Yellowstone National Park and my first time seeing bison. As we were safely pulled off on the side of the road in a pullout spot this herd of bison decided they were going to cross the river with their babies, otherwise known as red dogs. At one point you can see where the baby red dog struggled to get out of the water and then successfully made it! We were just amazed at the size of these animals and their survival techniques.

After watching through to the end, I'm pretty sure this footage was shot around the same time as another Yellowstone National Park video which features a bison calf struggling to follow its mother while climbing up a hill.

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