Video and Photos by Tim Mandese - Interview and editing by Glenn Woods.

William P. Barr has served as U.S. Attorney General under two presidents. There is no way anyone can hold a position like that, even once, without being surrounded in controversy.

This outspoken AG came to Wyoming to speak on several issues - and offer a gift.

Wyoming, for the most part, has been passed over by the civil unrest that has been seen in some other parts of this country. One of the reasons Wyoming has been passed over, he suggests, is our respect and support for law enforcement. That respect and support comes from the community, as well as its elected officials.

But Wyoming still has problems. Drugs coming to the state, being trafficked through the state, and even money laundering. Not all of these problems come locally. Some are from foreign entities, like Mexico and China.

Besides speaking to this issue, Mr. Barr came to the Cowboy State with a gift of one million dollars. The money will go to the DCI lab in Cheyenne Wyoming for rape kits, which the state has been low on for some time, DNA testing for cold cases, and general necessaries beyond that.

Mr. Barr spoke with me about this and several other issues in the interview, above.

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