The Wyoming Highway Patrol says they will be joining with other Wyoming law enforcement and highway safety agencies across the State to launch an aggressive campaign on impaired riding. Wyoming Highway Patrol Sgt. Stephen Townsend says during this time of year, we begin to see an increase in motorcycle use here in Wyoming.  As the number of motorcycles increases on Wyoming's highways, so does the number of reported motorcycle crashes.

In 2011, out of the 308 reported motorcycle crashes in Wyoming, 24 of those crashes involved impaired motorcycle drivers.  Alcohol affects the balance and coordination skills which are essential to riding a motorcycle.

Wyoming also experiences increased motorcycle traffic by the thousands as they pour out of the Black Hills during the annual Sturgis Motorcycle Rally which is held just across the State line in Sturgis, South Dakota.  During that celebration motorcyclists head into Wyoming for the ‘Ham n Jam’ portion of that rally which takes part in the northeast corner of the State.

Extra Troopers will be assigned to the northeast portion of the State during the 72nd Sturgis Motorcycle Rally which begins August 6th.  In addition, this comprehensive enforcement campaign will involve Troopers across the State who will be increasing patrols in their areas of operation watching for impaired riders.