LARAMIE -- Let's all pretend for a red-hot second that Wyoming head coach Craig Bohl would even go for this.

Breaking news: he wouldn't.

Bohl is old school. He doesn't believe in names on the back of the jersey and has said numerous times that the Cowboys' colors are brown and gold -- period. Bohl's predecessor, Dave Christensen, didn't buy into that. The Pokes had camouflaged uniforms, brown helmets, gold jerseys and everything in between.

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Christensen even tampered with Steamboat, something that is unheard of around here. There was the state and American flag logo. A pink one for breast cancer awareness. Against San Diego State back in 2012, he even went with a huge gold "W" on the side of the brown helmet.

Why are we even having this discussion?

The NFL today decided it will let its 32 teams sport throwback uniforms in 2022. That means those beautiful Denver Broncos threads could be making a comeback. At least for a game or two. New England has some beauties in that department. So do the Buccaneers, Seahawks, Eagles, Falcons, Dolphins ... hell, they're all sweet.

Back to Wyoming.

If you could bring back one look, just for one game, which one would it be?

Here's my pick:

Man, those are gorgeous. Remember when the Cowboys busted these out and promptly busted Utah in the mouth, 31-15, back in 2006?

Here are some other options to choose from:

Prairie gold? Ehh. Some people -- crazy people -- actually liked these.

Here's when someone with some pull got their act together and brought the real colors back.

Here is Brett Smith sporting those camo duds. Dud is the keyword.

These weren't bad. Pretty classic, minus the stripe on the helmet.

Are these that awesome or does Conrad Dobler just make them look that way?

These were pretty plain, but I always dug 'em. These are from the late 90's.

More Nike madness under Christensen.

How about these gems from the late 90's? Remember those?

These gold tops were worse.

Wouldn't mind seeing these Sugar Bowl unis make a comeback.

But why mess up a good thing?

What are your favorite Wyoming uniforms of all time?

* University of Wyoming courtesy photos/ DJ Johnson photos

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