Rodeo is a way of life in Wyoming, and since 2003 it's been the official state sport of Wyoming.

The sport is sport that is passed down from generation to generation. If mom and/or dad were involved in rodeo, there's a good chance the kids will be interested in it too. Some of the kids may be a little more into it at a young age than others.

Wyoming's rodeo world starts young with organizations like Wyoming Junior Rodeo Association and Wyoming High School Rodeo Association, when they rodeo bug bites the opportunity is there.

If you've been to a rodeo and watched cowboys and cowgirls competing and think about your little one wanting to do it, you may freak out.

When kids begin rodeo they're riding sheep, tying goat tails, barrel racing and bending poles. The big bulls and broncs will have to wait for a few years.

The Wyoming Junior Association has three different classes for kids to compete in.

  • Pee Wee - 6 and under
    • Barrel Racing, Pole Bending, Goat Tail Tying
  • Junior - 7-10
    • Girls Barrel Racing, Girls Pole Bending, Girls Goat Tying, Girls Breakaway Roping
    • Boys Goat Tying , Boys Breakaway Roping, Boys Steer Riding
    • Team Roping
  • Senior - 11-15 (must be enrolled in 8th grade or under)
    • Same as junior

The Wyoming High School/ Junior High School Rodeo Association broadens the number and variety of events offered to the kids.

Of course it's not difficult to find a rodeo in Wyoming, a quick google search will show you a lineup of rodeos across the state.

If your kid is interested in rodeo, taking them to a rodeo and entering them into Mutton Bustin' is always a great option.

If you're not a rodeo family and are wondering what pole bending is, it's a competition for the kids to show off their riding ability. Check out this video posted on YouTube from the kids rodeo in Sheridan.

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2022 Cheyenne Frontier Days Rodeo

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