One of the biggest things that can ruin a relationship is mediocrity and redundancy. We're out to help you change that with some new ideas for your Friday date night!  Thinking outside the box can be quite the challenge, especially if you want to try and freshen up your relationship. Today on the Top 5 at 7:45, I'll highlight some inexpensive ideas that might liven up your date night and rekindle that fire in your relationship.

  1. Plan A Mini Road Trip - This is a great ideas as you not only spend time on the journey getting there, but can have fun while you do it. There are lots of local short road trips you can take like Estes Park in Colorado or Vedauwoo in Wyoming.
  2. Serenade One Another - This really works if you want to bring some fun romance into your relationship. As cheesy as it might sound, I found my self singing old Air Supply songs to my wife one night. She enjoyed it and it was fun. Try it before you knock it.
  3. Work Out Together - You could take some time out on a Friday night to take a work out class together or take a Yoga class. Fun active and gets your mental juices flowing which may produce other great ideas on what to do afterward.
  4. Go See an Improv or Bluegrass Band - There are places in Ft. Collins where they have good food and some LIVE entertainment. We went down to Ft. Collins to a sandwich shop and watched a really good, live bluegrass band. It was different and fun.
  5. Play A Game - Everything from an old childhood game, or if you want to get a little more physical, plug in the Wii and play tennis or bowling. You'll find yourself laughing and having fun while running out of breath.

Tell us what some of your inexpensive and fun date nights have been in the comments below. It's all about great ideas and we could always use a few more.

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