As part of ongoing efforts to maintain Cheyenne’s water and sewer systems, the City of Cheyenne Board of Public Utilities expects construction in the following areas during the week of November 25th. This list consists of the projects that require traffic controls and may be of interest to motorists and residents.

East 7th Street –Closed to through traffic between Alexander Avenue and Maxwell Avenue. Purpose: Water main replacement
Expected Dates: 10/14/13 to 12/13/13

Sagebrush Avenue –Closed to through traffic between Sunflower Road and Chapel Hill Drive. Purpose: Water main valve repair
Expected Dates: 11/19/13 to 11/27/13

South Arp Avenue –Closed to through traffic between Ahrens Avenue and West Jefferson Road. During the day, traffic on West Jefferson will be limited to one-lane with two-way travel using signage between Parsley Boulevard and Ahrens Avenue.
Purpose: Sewer main repair
Expected Dates: 11/25/13 to 11/27/13