A snowmobiler was on his way down a mountain in Wyoming when a sudden avalanche buried him. Luckily, his friend saw the entire thing happen and was there as quick as possible to help the man out of the horrific incident on Sunday, January 2nd. The whole thing was caught on video as well.

Just south of Jackson, WY, John Sievers was swept up and covered in an avalanche in an instant. His friend, Jason Rubio, rushed as fast as possible to rescue him. Check out the video that was posted on Sievers Facebook page of the incident below...

*Offensive language may be heard within the video*

The video shows Sievers buried while screaming as his screams for help were unfortunately muffled by the snow. But with Rubio being there, he quickly removed as much snow as he could as he began to dig his friend out from the avalanche.

Sievers was quick to thank his friend in his Facebook post which most certainly won't be the last time Rubio's thanked for saving his friend. Sievers' Facebook post reads:

Scariest experience of my life thank God Jason Rubio was right there definitely could've been a different ending. I'm very thankful to walk away from this. My avalanche bag didn't work I pulled the handle like my life depended on it and it didn't deploy. #SorryMom

Avalanches often happen when temperatures on the slopes are roughly in the area of 30 to 45 degrees. Snowmobilers, hikers, and skiers can trigger an avalanche as slow starts to slide down the hill or mountain.

Please stay safe no matter where you are within the wintry weather this season, Wyoming!

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