It's not even tourist season, but there are already people behaving badly with wildlife in Yellowstone National Park. A new video share shows snowmobilers tempting fate by getting way too close to a nearby bison herd.

Kudos to Cowboy State Daily for this catch. I saw their share of this winter fun moment of a tour of snowmobiles who didn't appear to realize the danger they were in. Did they harass the bison or were they just innocent bystanders of wildlife? Watch and decide for yourself.

So many questions. The video begins with the snowmobiles already in the middle of the bison herd. Did the bison approach them after they were already stopped or did they purposely put themselves in the middle. Knowing that would help me decide if I'm ticked at them for disturbing Yellowstone wildlife or if this just happened. I'm leaning toward blaming them.

The laughter of the snowmobilers indicates that they don't understand they are feet away from a potentially raging 1,500 pound mammal. If you watch the right side of the video, you'll also see a mama bison with a young one. That adds to the likelihood that a bison will see this group as a threat and/or challenge leading to an attack.

I understand that seeing wildlife like this is a unique experience and that's what most of us look forward to when we visit Yellowstone National Park. But, most of us make sure we maintain a safe distance from the animals. This group does not seem to care about that fact and that's unfortunate.

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