The Ohio Department of Health has created a video using just mouse traps and ping pong balls that shows just how important social distancing is during these times.

The video has gone viral and displays just how effective social distancing is to prevent the spread of Covid-19.

The video shows the endless field of mousetraps set with a ping pong ball on each one, while a single ping pong ball is dropped on the field of traps, which then sets off a chain reaction of mouse traps going off all around.

Then when the field of mousetraps are reset, now spaced apart a safe distance from each other. The ping pong ball drops harmlessly in between the traps.

The video has earned praise nationwide. The Washington Post stated that the video is, "among the clearest visualizations yet of how proximity can turn lethal — and, conversely, how isolation can turn the tide."

The Ohio Department of Health used the help of Dayton, OH based, Real Art Design Group to create the video.

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