With all the kicking and bucking and tossing and slamming into the dirt, one might begin to wonder just how bad do these cow folk get hurt at Wyoming Frontier Days.

So we went to the infirmary to ask.

One nurse had no problem speaking in front of our camera. The rest sat back all quite like and listened. But as soon as the camera was off, the real stores of blood and gore came out.

Cheyenne Frontier Days 2017 has been rather uneventful as far as injuries go. But in the past, the doctors and nurses told us, they have seen things like:

A knee that came completely separated out of its socket to the point that the bottom part was up past the top part, still under the skin. There was no way to re-set it without causing a lot of pain, and they let the poor fellow know it before they pulled on it. Anything that could have been torn in that one, or ripped out, was.

Then there was the twisted ankle that, well let's just say it was a good thing they did not cut the boot open. The foot might have fallen out.

But that's the worst of it. Most injuries are a pulled this or a torn that. Rub some dirt on it and hobble along cowboy.

The biggest problem seems to be to get these guys to admit that they need to see the doctor. It's a pride thing. That can be a bad thing.

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