I didn't realize this was even possible. A new video share shows that not only is it possible to climb Devil's Tower, but it's also an experience unlike any other in the sport.

I will admit that I did a double-take when I first saw this. Were my eyes really seeing climbers ascending one of the most iconic rocks in America? The answer was yes. Here's a snippet from the video description showing what this represents:

In this extract from Louder Than 11's 2017 film, Devils Tower, husband and wife team Jorg Verhoeven and Katha Saurwein work their way up the classic El Matador (5.10d) route.

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This is footage of their amazing ascent up the rock that had Richard Dreyfuss mesmerized in Close Encounters of the Third Kind.

Before you even think about making this climb, please know that the National Park Service has all kinds of regulations about how (and if) you do it. Here's a key part:

Register before your climb at the climbing kiosk located at the head for the Tower Trail (visitor center parking area)...Registration is a legal requirement for all persons planning to climb or scramble above the boulder field. Failure to obtain a permit is subject to citation and fine.

Can you do it? Sure. Should you do it? Only if you're a pro climber that understands the life and death risk you will be taking. There's no arguing that it's one of the most iconic climbs anyone could make that would provide stories to tell for years.

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