If you live in the Timnath area, you may have seen this whirlwind for yourself. On what appears to be Saturday (given the clear skies), a large dust devil formed in an open field. 

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Not quite as threatening — or destructive — as a tornado, and still kind of cool to witness: dust devils. According to Britannica, dust devils 'occur most frequently under hot, clear-sky conditions with light winds,' and are most likely to occur in the early afternoon. Typically, they only last a few minutes.

9NEWS Meteorologist Cory Reppenhagen shared the video below, taken by Angela Austin in Timnath.

With our dry, fire-prone climate, 'smoke devils' are possible, too, like the one seen about a month ago near mile marker 420.

CBS4 Denver says that while severe weather can happen any time in Colorado, the typical season for hail and tornadoes — weather events that can do some real damage, unlike dust devils — 'usually ramps up in May, peaks in the third week in June, and then quickly decreases in July.'

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