The Cheyenne Office of the National Weather Service is again warning people about unusually hot temperatures in southeast Wyoming and the Nebraska Panhandle through Wednesday.

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The agency on Sunday evening issued a weather statement:

Here are the current weather event impact highlights:

  • Much above average temperatures expected for southeast Wyoming and Nebraska Panhandle Monday through Wednesday.
    • Looking at 15 to 20 degree temperatures above average. Folks in area may not be acclimatized to these temperatures. Increased heat related injury risk.
  • Very dry air with afternoon humidity down in mid single digits west of the Laramie Range. Mid teens to low 20 percent range east. Warm and dry air will impact vegetation, especially west of the Laramie Range.
  • Elevated to locally critical fire weather conditions, especially Wednesday and Thursday as we experience breezy winds across Carbon and Albany Counties.
  • Marginal Risk for Severe Thunderstorms in the Nebraska Panhandle Monday afternoon/evening.

The agency posted additional information on its website:

A hot and dry forecast continues for southeast Wyoming and Nebraska Panhandle through at least mid week. We could see a few severe thunderstorms Monday across the Nebraska Panhandle, but other than that, most locations to remain dry. Temperatures are forecast to be 15 to 20 degrees above average for this time of year, with many people in the area not used to these types of temperatures. Record high temperatures are likely for Tuesday and Wednesday. Very dry air with these hot temperatures will continue to dry out our vegetation. Afternoon humidity for areas west of the Laramie Range forecast to fall into the single digits each afternoon through Thursday. To exacerbate conditions, we could see breezy winds along with the very warm temperatures and very dry humidity Wednesday and Thursday. Please avoid outdoor burning. Avoid leaving kids and pets in parked vehicles as temperatures can become dangerous in only a few minutes.

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