Well, it wasn't the outcome Wyoming fans wanted today. But, at least the Cowboys accomplished a lot this year. 25 wins, a Mountain West Tournament championship, and a bunch of fun regular season wins.

The What If's - What if mono didn't strike this team? Certainly another win or two would have propelled them higher than a 12 seed. Not necessarily saying our effort would have been better as a higher seed, but avoiding Northern Iowa seems like a really good thing right now.

The Seniors - I grew up with the 2002 NCAA team of Josh Davis and Marcus Bailey. This team ranks right there for me. Love the seniors on this team, not only because they're great athletes, but because they're great guys. Larry Nance Jr. should and will get a chance to play in the NBA. Derek Cooke Jr., and Riley Grabau have basketball in their future at some level too. Charles Hankerson Jr. really stepped up in the post-season. Jack Bentz was such a fun story, too.

Wyoming fans - Another awesome turnout. Way more brown and gold than purple today. In fact, other than Gonzaga, Wyoming brought more than anyone else to Seattle today. It wasn't the crowd Vegas had, but 2-3 thousand Poke fans who were LOUD! (When there were things to cheer for.)

Looking ahead  - Tough to know what's ahead for this team with 5 seniors. The leadership is gone. Josh Adams will be the only guy who had significant playing time to return. I like the potential of Alan Herndon, Jason McManamen, and a handful of the newcomers to this team. It will take some time to develop the chemistry though. Josh has to take over as a leader.

This team wouldn't have been as much fun to cover, and it wouldn't be as much fun to be a Wyoming fan, if it wasn't for Poke Nation. So, for all of you that helped support this team, Thank You!