An annual report released today (Monday) by the Cheyenne Metropolitan Planning Organization shows total crashes are down about 6 percent in the Cheyenne area.

There were 1,622 total crashes last year, compared to 1,726 crashes in 2015 and 1,746 in 2014.

"People are traveling more (and) the population is increasing," said James Sims, Senior Transportation Planning Technician. "The number going down or even staying the same actually tells us we're doing pretty good."

While most crashes, including injury accidents and crashes involving bicyclists and motorcyclists, were down in 2016, the number of pedestrians hit by cars more than doubled.

"We'll see if that continues to be a trend," said Sims. "These are pretty much the raw numbers and rather than try and make assumptions of what's happening we're just looking at the numbers."

Sims says Dell Range and Converse continues to be the "worst intersection" in the city.

"We actually have some over on College that are starting to creep up a little bit," said Sims. "I guess that's due with everybody out on the east side of town, pretty much all the extra development out there."

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