The family pet might be hiding under the bed and you might have jumped at the sound of the crack pow in the air, but we just can't help getting up to have a look.

Lightning strikes fascinate us like 4th of July fireworks. With that in mind where are the top 5 lighting Wyoming strikes that we could find on YouTube.



  • 1

    Time Laps Of Storm & Lighting

    This video would be beautiful even without the lightning.

  • 2

    Right Across The Street

    Watch it hit the ground and light it up in Cheyenne Wyoming

  • 3

    Highway 25 Near Casper

    This video was recorded while driving up the road to Casper. One strike after another.

  • 4

    Good Ol' Wyoming Lighting

    Lets put that storm to music.

  • 5

    Bear Lodge Storm

    The sky just won't stop flashing.

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