Some people are driven by trends and some people tend to invent their own. I was recently reviewing a statistic online from Entrepreneur which listed 5 franchises to look at in the market.

Today on the Top 5 at 7:45 I'll highlight franchise industries to keep an eye on as depicted by Entrepreneur Magazine. The Top 5 at 7:45 airs weekdays on KGAB Mornings with me, Gary Freeman and brought to you by First Education Federal Credit Union.

  1. Children: It seems that some parents are willing to sacrifice their left arm for things and people starting small businesses in this field have picked up on it.
  2. Food: This dominates the Franchise 500 and a lot of our refrigerators too.
  3. Fitness: Start ups for small business in this franchise are less expensive than starting a big box gym.
  4. Seniors: Small businesses have many start up franchises to help more seniors live independently.
  5. Personal Electronics: With more smartphones and iPads, business has picked up quite a bit for small franchises.