TikTok has emerged as such a powerful tool in social media. So much so, that people can tell their entire story throughout one 'TikTok' video. That is exactly what this person did. And in doing so, she gave any person living anywhere in the world every reason to move to the Cowboy State.

In the southeast region of Wyoming, we're rather lucky in the fact that we have access to two nearby relatively decent sized cities with Cheyenne and Laramie. Especially if you're a city person like myself, you don't always take advantage of all the other great things about our state. However, this particular TikTok just gave every reason why her life has been basically like a fairy tale since moving to Wyoming.

Her video was summed up nicely by putting Josh Ross's 'Do What You Love' behind the entire video which seemed as if it could have been something out of a Hallmark Christmas movie set in Wyoming...minus the whole concept of Christmas and there's no snow whatsoever. But definitely plenty of horses, dirt, mud, flannels, cowboy hats, and all sorts of outdoor activities. You can't help but be impressed, but as a Wyomingite, pretty proud as well.

If there's an advertisement for moving to Wyoming, we need to either add this to it or just make it the entire ad. It's all about how her life improved immaculately after moving to the Cowboy State. It also made this city guy know that he has to get outdoors more for sure. Enjoy what we have here Wyoming! She certainly is!

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