7:07 AM MDT: Author/Producer KATHRYN RAAKER will be discussing the contraversial topic of prejudice in America. In 2012, racial profiling and prejudice are still hot topic issues in America, depending on who you ask, and what determines your viewpoint. News stories go to print regularly with incidents of profiling and prejudice, as seen, with the tragedy of Trayvon Martin; the alleged victim of racial prejudice. However, hate and prejudice have existed in the fabric of our society for centuries, so is it reasonable to think that society will change, and that America will truly be the land of the free and the home of the brave?

7:37AM MDT: Travis Lingenfelter with Pointe Frontier Retirement Community continues his series on aging and retirement..."

8:07AM MDT: Author/ Scholar and long-time friend of the program, CRAIG WINN- is back with his unique and often contraversial views of world happenings and "the War on Terror".